Champion Air Pump

With LED light
Power supply:DC12V

Product Details

With LED light
Power supply:DC12V
Max.air flow:35L/min
Cylider diameter:30MM
Max.rated current:10A
1M air hose with a brass quick-releasing adapter
3M cord with cigarette lighter time:15min
3pcs nozzle adapters
Packing: Color box
Packing Size: 40×26×36cm; 8pcs/ctn 14kgs

How to use:
A.Place the rubber hose near the air gauge cable connector into the body side connecting hole, the pressure valve pressure; the other end of the valve directly into the tire valve, tire deflated to hear the sound, it means that the air is clear. Valve wrench should immediately pressed inward 90 degrees, when the air is no longer escape.
B.The machine cigarette lighter plug car cigarette lighter socket, turn on the power switch.
C.When use, should start the car motor.
D.If the air pressure increased rapidly within a short time (a few seconds up to 6-8KG / square centimeter), which means that the air pressure blocked, no air into the tire, immediately turn off the power,remove the gas nozzle, re-operation.
E.Inflatable every 10-15 minutes, rest 6-8 minutes, then re-operation to protect the motor and prolong life.
Applies to: bicycle tires, car tires, motorcycle tires, tricycle tires,electric vehicle tires, football, basketball, inflatable boats, air beds, balloons, etc.

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