Air compressor noise and control technology

- Feb 20, 2019-

With the increasing use of air compressors, the use of machinery, mining, metallurgy, chemical and construction departments has also increased. The noise it produces has a wide surface and poses a great hazard to environmental pollution and human health. Therefore, solving the problem of air compressor noise can further improve product quality and competitiveness, and at the same time help to improve the environment and reduce the risk of artificial noise.

At present, there are more mature methods in China to control air compressor noise. The noise of the air compressor is mainly composed of mechanical noise generated by external radiation through the inlet and exhaust ports, impact of mechanical moving parts, friction, and noise generated by the motor or some oil machines. Generally, the positive displacement compressor has aerodynamic noise caused by periodic intake and exhaust, which is the main component of the noise of the whole machine. This noise is typically 5 ∽ 10 dBA higher than mechanical noise.

The key to reducing air compressor noise is to properly design or select the appropriate muffler and sound enclosure. At present, there are many domestic noise control equipment manufacturers, which can provide effective low frequency and low intermediate frequency. Therefore, it is more reasonable to use a muffler. At present, there is a Venturi muffler made in combination with the principle of expansion chamber resistance muffler, which has a prominent effect on controlling the intake noise of L-type or V-type air compressors. The muffler not only has a high noise reduction value, but also has the advantages of low resistance loss, simple structure and convenient use.