Air compressor precautions during operation

- Jan 24, 2019-

As a senior air compressor manufacturer, today we will explain to you what problems should be paid attention to during the operation of the air compressor. During the operation of the air compressor, some faults and even accidents will inevitably occur. The fault refers to the abnormal situation that occurs when the air compressor is in operation. Once the air compressor is removed, normal operation can be resumed, and the accident refers to the occurrence of damage. The two are often related. If the fault is not eliminated in time, it will cause an important accident.

Air compressor precautions during operation

1. First of all, we should be clear that the air compressor should not loosen the pipe or plug and open the valve during the operation, because there is pressure in the pipeline and the container.

2. When the air compressor is found to have abnormal noise or abnormal operation, it should be stopped immediately and checked.

3. Check if the reading of the meter is accurate. If there is any error, adjust it in time.

4. Check if the temperature of the motor and the temperature of the inhalation valve are normal, and if there is any temperature rise or abnormal heat.

5. Check that the safety equipment of the machine is safe and reliable so that it can respond to sudden failures at any time.

6. Check if the disconnect switch is installed on the power supply line of the supply unit.

7. Inspection of power supply and electronic control instrumentation system.

8. Inspection of compressor and refrigerant piping systems.

9. Air compressor water system inspection

10. Always keep the appearance of the air compressor and the surrounding area clean. It is strictly forbidden to place any objects on the air compressor, such as tools, rags, clothes, gloves, etc.

11. Check that the current, voltage and motor temperature are normal.

12. When cleaning the heat sink, do not use the combustion method to remove the oil from the pipeline. Maintenance work such as cleaning and fastening must be carried out after shutdown. When purging parts with compressed air, it is strictly forbidden to point the tuyere to the human body or other equipment to prevent injury and damage;