Compressed air quality and influencing factors of air compressor

- Mar 05, 2019-

Compressed air is an important power widely used in various fields of industry. If the quality of compressed air is not good, there are wear power equipment, plugging valves, corroding pipes, causing air leakage, equipment damage, product scrapping or quality degradation, production stagnation, Maintenance costs increase.

Modern industry uses compressed air to have a complete set of equipment. The typical air source system consists of the following parts: air compressor, aftercooler, buffer tank, filter (oil water separator, pre-filter, degreasing filter, Odor filter, sterilizing filter, etc.), dryer (refrigerated or adsorption type), automatic draining and draining device for gas storage tanks, gas pipelines, pipeline valves, instruments, etc. The above equipment constitutes a complete air source system according to the different needs of the process flow.

The compressed air discharged from the air compressor contains water (steam and condensate), solid particles, oil and other impurities (microorganisms and gaseous impurities) in addition to compressed air.

How to effectively improve the air compressor exhaust quality

1 Improve the quality of the intake air: The quality of the intake air not only directly affects the exhaust quality, but also damages the screw air compressor itself. Therefore, choose a good intake environment to keep the workplace clean and ventilated in the air. Measures such as adding an air filter to the compressor inlet can effectively improve the intake air quality of the air compressor.

2 Reasonable use of lubricating oil: The quality of lubricating oil is good or bad. If it is used properly, it will affect the quality of exhaust gas. If the lubricating oil of the body is too much, the oil content of the compressed gas will be high, but if the lubricating oil is too low. As a result, the exhaust gas temperature is too high, so the rational use of lubricating oil is an important measure to ensure the quality of the exhaust gas.

3 Regular scientific maintenance of air compressors: compressed air will be in contact with many parts inside the machine during the processing of the screw air compressor, so if these parts are not clean or the dirt is more, the quality of the compressed air will be affected, resulting in exhaust The quality is degraded, so it is important to properly maintain the air compressor on a regular basis and to properly calculate the operating load of the air compressor.