Discussion on Maintenance and Maintenance Measures of Air Compressor

- Feb 08, 2019-

The arrival of the information society has brought more and more high-tech skills to people's lives. Modern enterprises are actively using advanced equipment and introducing advanced equipment management technology in order to win market competition. Juhua Group is especially a manufacturing company. Performing necessary maintenance and repairs on the equipment can prevent deterioration of the nature of the equipment, increase the utilization rate of the equipment, and also extend the service life of the equipment. This article focuses on the maintenance and repair of air compressors.

1 Overview of the working principle of air compressor

Air compressor is the abbreviation of air compressor. It is widely used in industrial and agricultural production. There are many giants. It can provide compressed air, provide power for pneumatic machinery, and can also be used as production process gas. The working principle is as follows: First, the air enters the filter in the air compressor, and impurities such as dust will be filtered out, and then compressed into the main body of the compressor, and mixed with the cooling lubricating oil, and finally The compression chamber enters the oil and gas separation tank. The compressed gas passes through collision, gravity, etc., and the oil is separated. The next step is the separation of oil and gas, carried out in a fine oil and gas separator, in order to further separate the mixed oil in the gas [2]. Once the pressure of the air reaches a certain value, the minimum pressure valve is opened, the gas is discharged to the cooler, cooled, and finally put into use.

2 Air compressor maintenance content

In the maintenance of the air compressor, the overall maintenance is focused on the corresponding degree of operation and the operation time is determined in advance. The focus of routine maintenance is on routine inspections and care, and timely detection of faults and exclusion. The focus of regular maintenance is on inspection and maintenance during a fixed period of time. The following is given separately.

2.1 Overall maintenance

In general maintenance, when parts need to be replaced, the air compressor should be turned off first, the accumulated pressure will be released, and the end caps, nuts and other components will be removed. When it is necessary to replace the oil during the running-in period, clean the oil return valve and replace the oil filter, it should be noted that the operation time is performed 500 hours after the first operation of the air compressor. When the control circuit is inspected, it needs to be carried out 50 hours after the air compressor is turned on, and it needs to be inspected every six months [3].

2.2 Daily maintenance

The routine maintenance work includes the following steps: checking the working condition of the operating switch, checking whether the oil level of the compressor lubricating oil is normal, and ensuring sufficient oil quantity. Check the abnormal sound and oil leakage of the running unit to check if there is an alarm fault in the computer controller. In addition, the front and back surfaces of the air compressor surface and the surface of the cooler, especially the dust at the four corners and the blades of the fan, should be cleaned frequently to fully ensure the heat dissipation performance of the unit and prevent the unit from being corroded.

2.3 Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance includes monthly repairs, quarterly repairs, and half-year repairs. If necessary, a comprehensive overhaul is required. Monthly maintenance includes checking the temperature switch of the air compressor exhaust and measuring the quality of the lubricant to see if it has deteriorated. Clean the dust inside the electric control box and inspect all the hoses for cracks and aging. Grease is applied to the bearings of the motor every two months. The main repairs include cleaning the air filter core and the oil filter core and filtering the air compressor oil. The half-year repairs are: cleaning and replacing the oil separator core, cleaning the air cooler and oil cooler. A thorough inspection and maintenance of the air compressor is required during the overhaul process, which is generally used when the air compressor has been running for a long time or has abnormal operating conditions. It includes cleaning of the motor stator, rotor and vane, replacement of the damaged valve body and oil separator core, and cleaning of the lubricating oil circulation system.

3 Air compressor maintenance content

Common air compressor failures are: abnormal air pressure, insufficient amount of gas to be removed, failure to start normally, temperature abnormality and explosion phenomenon. If the parts in the air compressor are worn, the gap between the components will change, resulting in a deviation between the pressure and the design value, and insufficient exhaust. The reasons for the shortage of exhaust gas include: the abnormality of the air noise filter and the valve is abnormal, the oil has less oil and poor quality, and the temperature of the exhaust gas is too high.

For the above-mentioned air compressor failure symptoms, the actual implementation of maintenance should be specifically analyzed, and appropriate maintenance measures should be adopted to ensure its safe operation. 1) Maintenance measures with insufficient exhaust. When the amount of exhaust gas is insufficient due to lack of oil, the air muffler of the air compressor should be inspected and cleaned first. If the position of the lubricating oil is below 1/3 of the oil mark position, oil of the same material should be added, and then the power supply is started. Turn on the air compressor. If there is a knocking sound, the crankshaft, piston, connecting rod and cylinder should be inspected. When there is a crack at these positions, the time of lack of oil can be judged according to the size and shape of the crack. The damaged part should be replaced at this time. The maintenance method for the abnormality of the air noise filter is to be cleaned frequently, and the machine should be cleaned every 200 hours. You should choose a high-quality lubricant and replace it with new oil in time to ensure its quality. 2) Maintenance of the cooling system failure. A water meter housing should be installed at the outlet of the cooling water. When there are air bubbles on the mirror, it indicates that air is mixed in the cooling system and should be cleaned in time. Care should be taken to periodically descale the cooling system and use a copper bellows cooler core whenever possible.