How is the air compressor waterproof when the humidity in the air is too high?

- Feb 07, 2019-

How is the permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor waterproof when the humidity in the air is too high?

1, check the dryer

Air compressor dryers are a good way to remove moisture from the air, and the dryer is an inseparable part. Like a compressor, the dryer is affected by changes in temperature and humidity. As the seasons change and warm days come, please take some time to check the dryer (and air receiver) to ensure its performance.

2, keep the drainage smooth

Once the air compressor removes moisture from the air, it must be drained from the system. The use of an electric valve drain is a good way to ensure that the system does not leave water. Check the drain to ensure adequate drainage; excess moisture can cause problems and cause bacterial growth. It is also important to ensure that the drain does not remain open for long periods of time as this may result in air loss.

3, monitoring settings

Monitoring the system is always critical, but it's important to pay attention to it during the transition season to ensure that the components work effectively. The remote monitoring system is a good way to observe the compressor from elsewhere. If there is any abnormality, you can call the alarm.

The common control loop of an air compressor consists of three main parts, some of which are sensitive components, which are usually a transmitter. It is a device that can be used to measure the parameters of a process being adjusted, such as pressure, level or temperature. The output of the transmitter is sent to the regulating instrument, the regulator, which determines and measures the deviation between the setpoint or desired value and the actual value of the process parameter, and sends the calibration signal one after the other to the control element – the regulating valve . The valve changes the flow of the fluid so that the process parameters reach the desired value.

The regulating valve has a simple flow path and low resistance, and is generally suitable for forward use (installation).

However, in the case of high pressure drop, the regulating valve is used in reverse to improve the unbalanced force and reduce the damage to the spool, and also facilitate the flow of the medium, avoiding the coking and clogging of the regulating valve.

In general, the regulator valve is not recommended for reverse use. Reverse pressure is recommended only for high pressure differentials, high viscosity, easy coking, and media containing suspended particles. When used in reverse, it should be avoided in the case of long-term small opening, especially when testing.

4, throttle valve

The shape structure of the air compressor throttle valve (Choke valve) is no different from the globe valve, except that the shape of the opening and closing parts is different. The opening and closing members of the throttle valve are mostly conical and streamlined, and the flow rate and pressure are adjusted by changing the cross-sectional area of the passage. The throttle valve is used to reduce the pressure of the medium in the event of a large pressure drop.

1. The structure is simple, easy to manufacture and maintain, and the cost is low.

2, the adjustment accuracy is not high, can not be used for adjustment.

3. The sealing surface is easy to be eroded and cannot be used as a cutting medium.

4. The sealing is poor.

I hope that this article will let everyone know how to deal with air compressors when the humidity is relatively large.