How to improve the operating efficiency of the air compressor?

- Feb 04, 2019-

How to improve the operating efficiency of air compressors? What are the methods to improve the operating efficiency of air compressors? It is the most concerned issue for the majority of air compressor users. Today, Xiaobian simply pointed out that several air compressor users are more practical. Methods:

The key to improving the operating efficiency of the air compressor is to increase the displacement of the air compressor. There are many factors that affect the air compressor's earning capacity. Through our operational practice, we can achieve very obvious results from the following aspects: to ensure a good inhalation environment and cooling conditions. Strengthen the ventilation of the suction point, regularly clean and replace the suction filter, which can reduce the resistance and effectively prevent the dust in the atmosphere from entering the cylinder, prevent the dust from aggravating the wear of the piston ring and the cylinder and the airtightness of the valve. And caused by internal leakage. Because the suction temperature of any one level is increased by 1 °C, the displacement is reduced by about 2%, and the power is not reduced. Therefore, it is better to use circulating or demineralized water that has been treated with chlorination or dosing to ensure heat exchange. The cooling effect of the well ensures the amount of cooling water and water pressure required by the air compressor. Do a good job of maintenance, reasonable determination of the maintenance cycle, strict requirements for repair quality. Regularly clean the air filter and air compressor cooling system, regularly repair or replace the air valve, piston ring and packing ring; and carry out maintenance quality inspection by professional technicians. After confirming the repair, the cylinder clearance volume is controlled within a reasonable range to ensure the piston. Assembly quality of the ring and maintenance quality of the valve. Strengthen operational management and implement inspections. The operator requires timely drainage, oil discharge and dust discharge to the condensers and auxiliary equipment at all levels to ensure that the blow-off valves are not leaking; the water pressure and water volume of the cooling water should be checked and adjusted in time to ensure that the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the cooling water is greater than 10 °C, the intercooler outlet temperature is less than 40 °C; carefully check the working status of each valve, and find problems in time to deal with or report.

Improve the operating efficiency of the air compressor, directly affect the production cost and investment efficiency of the enterprise, and improve the operational efficiency of the air compressor. In addition, the air compressor frequency conversion speed control technology and waste heat recovery technology can be used to strengthen the operation and management of the air compressor system. By improving the operating efficiency of the air compressor and strengthening the maintenance of the air compressor, it is possible to achieve very significant energy saving effects.