If the air compressor consumes a lot of fuel, how can it be improved?

- Mar 02, 2019-

The excess oil content of the compressed air at the outlet of the air compressor is usually called the large fuel consumption. It is one of the headaches that plagues manufacturers and users, and is one of the most common faults. Not only will it affect the quality of the products produced by the users, but it will even cause damage to certain production equipment to varying degrees.

If the air compressor consumes a lot of fuel, how can it be improved?

What should I do if the air compressor consumes too much fuel? Xiao Zi reminds you that you should start with the following aspects:

1. Whether the condensate discharged from the trap has a large oil content, and if so, check the leak point inside the unit and remove it;

2. Whether the minimum pressure valve opening pressure is normal, and if it is, troubleshooting, it is necessary to replace the valve;

3. The air compressor oil separator is broken. The function of the air compressor oil is to separate the oil in the compressed air to avoid excessive oil in the compressed air.

4. The oil return system is blocked. Blockage of the oil return system can result in the oil not coming out, eventually leading to an increase in the oil content of the compressed air. Clean or replace the return line.

5. Oil quality. The recommended brand of air compressor lubricant can be replaced.

6. Check if the compressor oil level is too high. If yes, remove the pressure and drain the oil to the normal position.

7. The filter element has not been replaced for a long time, and the maintenance work of the air compressor can not be neglected. The maintenance of the air compressor must be done regularly.