Look at the cause and solution of air compressor coking

- Jan 18, 2019-

The main reasons for air compressor oil coking are as follows:

1. Metal ion: The internal grinding debris of the compressor will not only block the oil circuit system, but also be the catalyst for oil oxidation. The presence of iron and other metal ions acts as an initiator for the polymerization of certain hydrocarbons. The higher the water content in the oil, the higher the temperature and the increased metal catalysis tendency. Therefore, the metal wear debris in the oil should be removed in time.

2. Oxidation: Air compressor oil reacts with oxygen, sulfur and other substances in the air under high temperature and metal catalysis to form alcohol, aldehyde, ketone, acid and oxide. Some hydrocarbons are polymerized under the long-term action of oxygen and high temperature to form insoluble matter. The higher the pressure of the air compressor, the greater the oxygen concentration, the more severe the oxidation of the oil, and the shorter the oil life.

Look at the cause and solution of air compressor coking

3. Water and old oil also have a great impact:

How to solve the coking of air compressors Most air compressors today use mineral oil or mineral oil-based semi-synthetic oil, and the service life is generally between 2000-4000 hours. This kind of oil usually runs for about two years and there will be coking. At the same time, even if the oil is changed normally, this kind of phenomenon will occur, because every time we change the oil, it is impossible to discharge 100% of the oil. The residual oil is deposited at the low point of the oil circuit such as the bottom of the gear box, and then follow the new oil. Participate in a new round of oil circulation, when it runs for a certain period of time, it will cause oil quality deterioration and coke formation.

When dealing with such anomalies, the host is usually disassembled. Soak in a special cleaning agent, then wash and soak the oil tank, cooler and main oil circuit components. Not only is the process complicated, time-consuming and labor-intensive, but all the seals of the machine must be replaced after soaking. Therefore, cleaning once is very expensive.

Use the special test agent for oil coking to test the oil sample. If it is determined that the oil is cokeed, only one-tenth of the lubricating oil should be added to the lubricating oil. Start the operation for 40-60 hours and put the lubricating oil on. Drop it. The inside of the machine will be thoroughly cleaned and then added with new oil to operate normally.