Some reasons for the serious quality change of air compressor oil

- Feb 21, 2019-

Precautions for the use of screw air compressor oil: Air compressor oil of different grades and grades is forbidden to be mixed. The old oil must be drained when replacing. It is strictly forbidden to use supplemental or filtration and reuse. Because although the surface looks like the color of the compressor oil, the consumption of additives may have exceeded the limit. If there is not much oil, put 1/2 new oil, run it for 15 to 60 minutes, and then fill it with new oil.

If there is too much carbon in the sludge, after the cylinder is disassembled, the sludge and carbon deposits are manually removed, and then washed with a special cleaning agent. However, after cleaning, it must be dried with dry air and then cleaned with oil and charcoal. After 100 to 200 hours of operation, clean the oil and then add the new oil to normal operation. Failure to do so may not only destroy the performance of the oil additive, but may also result in a safety incident. When changing oil, you should also change the oil bypass filter, oil filter, oil and gas separation fine filter, strainer filter components, etc., check whether the filter, air filter, check valve, temperature control alarm, etc. are intact.

The oil change time is not a fixed value, and the aging of the oil can be accelerated due to the influence of equipment, environment, oil temperature and mechanical impurities. In order to prevent carbon deposition and coking, it is necessary to pay attention to the color, viscosity and oiliness of the lubricating oil during the use (every 300 hours), but it is not possible to judge the quality of the oil by color alone.

If the oil temperature is too high, the cause must be found. It is not possible to remove the protective device in order to maintain production. The general reason for the temperature is too high:

(1) The oil cooler water pipe (water-cooled) has too much dirt or blockage, and the radiator has too much dirt (air-cooled), resulting in low efficiency of the cooler;

(2) The temperature control valve of the oil cooler does not operate, and the oil temperature sensor fails. If the PLC control is used, the problem of the integrated circuit board is not ruled out;

(3) Poor fit of moving parts;

(4) The ambient temperature is too high, resulting in high lubricating oil temperature;

(5) The exhaust pressure does not reach the set value; the cause selection is wrong (small selection) The intake filter/oil separator blocks the intake throttle valve from malfunctioning or malfunctioning (in the closed part of the intake valve) serious

(6) The return road is not smooth. The oil filter is clogged (note the quality of the oil filter) and the oil supply is insufficient;

(7) The compressor speed is not enough, and the V-belt is too loose, which will also cause the gas volume to drop;

(8) The quality of the lubricating oil is not good or the oil is dirty, the aging of the lubricating oil is invalid; if the oil temperature is too high, first check the oil quantity is enough, then check the cooler, then the spring in the temperature control valve is broken, and finally the oil filter is blocked. No (the oil compartment is too small to be fine).

It is necessary to record the time of replacement of lubricants and other components on site, check the records, and implement the responsible person. It is found that the evaporation loss of the lubricating oil is very large, and it is first checked whether the oil separator is perforated. Screw compressor oil is a special oil and must be managed by a special person to prevent oil mixing accidents in daily life. After the oil is used up, tighten the lid and do not open the lid.

Simple test method for oil viscosity: Take a piece of clean glass, dry it after washing, and place it at 45° obliquely. Use a new eye drops to take a little new oil onto the glass plate and record the flow time at a certain distance. Use the same method to take the old oil test flow time. When the time difference between the two is 15%, the oil must be changed.