Temperature rise before air compressor loading

- Feb 15, 2019-

A factory has a 37kW air-cooled air compressor equipment, equipped with branded intake valve, combination valve, external oil and oil filter. Recently, the temperature of the device has been soaring from the soft start to the completion of the star-delta conversion. It can reach more than 130 degrees (110° stop), and the temperature will not return to normal after loading. The temperature will be normal when unloading, otherwise it can be determined. Is the problem of temperature control? For this kind of problem, we will do the following points on the air compressor to find out the reasons:

Change the oil filter with better quality, because there is a return oil check valve in the better oil filter. For example, if the user is shut down for a long time and the machine is shut down for a long time, the oil filter and the oil of the radiator will return to the oil and gas tank. Therefore, the air compressor is turned off and the oil is turned off without lubrication, and the temperature is high. If this is the case, it should not be a problem with a one-way valve.

For the air compressor "110 ° is the shutdown temperature, but the temperature can be stringed to more than 130 when the stop", you need to check whether the temperature switch operates according to the temperature, check the pressure before loading, the temperature control valve spool Determine how much the temperature is turned on and whether it will act in time.

In addition, it may be caused by insufficient oil supply. The oil is too thick and too dirty. When the air compressor is started, the internal pressure is low, causing slow oil circulation and high temperature. It is also possible that the oil filter or the inside of the cooler is clogged, resulting in insufficient oil supply. There is also a minimum pressure valve failure, and no pressure can be established at startup. The oil cannot be circulated. If it is said that it is more than a few times, it is basically oil thick or oil filter, and the cooler is blocked. It is recommended to replace the oil and check the inside of the cooler and the oil filter.