Timing replacement and overhaul of air compressor three filters

- Feb 18, 2019-

The air filter, oil filter and oil-gas separation filter of the screw air compressor are all wearing parts. After the air compressor is running for a certain period of time, it should be replaced as required in time.

When replacing the air filter three filters, the wells are not changed in batches at the same time. If there are 7 air compressors, but only two work in normal operation, only when there is a replacement, it is possible to stop reporting the air compressor and turn the other into the running state. Under such circumstances, the running time of each air compressor can not be the same. Some air compressors run for thousands of hours, and some of them are less than a thousand hours a year, so we can replace them with empty ones. The three filters of the press are inconvenient.

In the replacement of the air filter three filters, generally use three methods: First, the air compressor due to the air compressor three filters directly failure, the performance of the air compressor three filter blockage frequently reported: Second, the air compressor tips To replace the air compressor three filters: Third, search for the length of the running time in the air compressor display, and prepare for replacement in time.

In the process of replacing the air filter three filters, it was initially carried out under the guidance of the after-sales service personnel of the factory. Now, you can go to the scene without the after-sales service personnel, and the user's technical staff can do it independently.