Two kinds of errors that are easy to occur during air compressor repair

- Feb 01, 2019-

It is normal for the air compressor to meet the problem frequently. However, if the operation is wrong during the maintenance process, the possible consequences are irreparable. The two most common problems are the installation of the air compressor wiper ring and the air compressor. The choice of lubricating oil.

1, the installation of the scraper ring

In the repair of single-acting air compressors, the repairer often does not pay attention to the assembly direction of the scraper ring, thus causing misassembly. Most of these air compressors are lubricated by splashing oil, but the amount of oil splashed on the working surface of the cylinder is not easy to control. If the lubricating oil is too much, and the flash point of the lubricating oil is low, not only the consumption of the lubricating oil is increased, but also the carbon deposit is formed in the exhaust valve, the passage and the ring groove, etc., which affects the normal operation of the air compressor; The lubricating oil enters the air system and cannot be discharged in time. The mixture of air and oil vapor may burn. Therefore, the direction of assembly of the scraper ring must be correct. At the same time, in order to smoothly flow the scraped oil back to the oil pan, a corresponding oil return hole is opened on the piston skirt below the oil scraping ring, so that the lubricating oil is returned to the oil pan.

2, the choice of lubricants

The lubricating oil for domestic air compressors is air compressor oil with SYB1216-60S standard and grades HS-13 and HS-19. From the point of view of viscosity, the HS-19 grade is generally used in summer and the HS-13 grade is used in winter. However, some operators do not pay attention to the correct selection of cylinder lubricants, as long as it is oil lubrication in summer or winter. If the HS-13 grade lubricant is used in the summer, the temperature of the air compressor is also high due to the high ambient temperature, which lowers the viscosity of the lubricant. In this way, on the one hand, it is not conducive to the establishment of the lubricating oil film and the load bearing energy is lowered, and the piston ring is easy to pull the cylinder; on the other hand, it is not conducive to the sealing of the cylinder and is easy to leak. Conversely, if the HS-19 grade lubricant is used in winter, its viscosity is too large, which increases the resistance of the piston and piston ring of the air compressor, which increases the energy consumption of the compressor.