What are the lubrication methods for air compressors?

- Mar 10, 2019-

There are several kinds of lubrication methods for air compressors. This article mainly summarizes the air compressor oil level, and then gives an overview of the various lubrication methods, I hope to bring you some help.

Air compressor oil level overview:

In the operating state, the oil level of the compressor should be kept between the lowest and highest oil level. The oil will affect the separation effect. The oil will affect the lubrication and cooling performance of the machine. If the oil level is lower than the lowest during the oil change interval. The oil level should be replenished in time, by:

1 After the internal pressure release is stopped (confirm that the system has no pressure), pull down the main power switch.

2 Open the oil filling port on the oil and gas separation tank and add an appropriate amount of cooling oil.

3 For the oil change time after the normal operation of the air compressor, refer to the regular maintenance table.

Air compressor lubrication method:

1. Pressure lubrication method - use mechanical (such as oil pump, oiler) to automatically lubricate the lubrication part, also known as pressure method. This method is used in both large and medium-sized compressors with crossheads.

2. Splash lubrication method--The oil rod mounted on the connecting rod will splash the oil to the lubrication parts, so the cylinder and the moving mechanism can only use the same kind of lubricating oil. This method is mostly used in small compressors without crossheads. The disadvantage is that the oil is not well filtered and the oil level must be strictly controlled.

3. Injection lubrication method - the injected oil mist follows the gas into the lubrication point such as the cylinder, such as the ultra-high pressure compressor, the vane compressor and the screw compressor are all sprayed with oil.

4. Drip oil lubrication method--Using the oil cup and the oil pipeline, the lubricating oil is sent to the parts that should be refueled, or the lubricating oil is added on time.

5. Oil ring lubrication method--Use the rotating shaft to drive the oil ring that is actively placed on the shaft. The oil ring will bring the oil in the oil pool into the bearing and enter the circulation lubrication.