Battery Jump Starter

Battery Jump Starter

battery jump starter
Under full power, it can start the car 8-10 times
When your car battery is out of power, it can be a helper to start your car
With car air compressor
This product has the pressure preset functions
With a rechargeable battery
Full of family cars, motorcycles, bicycles, basketball, football, inflatable toys
With LED light
Products with lighting, when you encounter power outage, accompanied the LED lamp can light up more than 48 hours

Product Details

battery jump starter

Multifunction jump starter build in air compressor


ITEM NO:TH60-1<br>

Jump starter/inflator/LED light

Product size:210x90x180mm

Charging Voltage: AC100~240V/50~60Hz

Battery Type: lithium battery 16800mAh 11.1V

Input: 12.6V/0.5A

Starting current: 200A

Peak Current: 400A

Battery Cycle life: 1000 Times

Compressor Max.pressure: 100PSI

Compressor Max.air flow: 35L/Min

Compressor Cylinder Diameter: 30mm        

Compressor Rated Current: 10A

50cm air hose