Air Compressor Explosion Factor Analysis And Accident Prediction!

- Jan 22, 2019-

The risk factors of air compressor explosion mainly include the following aspects:

1 risk factors for air compressor explosion

(1) The air filter does not filter well. The dust in the air is easy to form coke, and if it accumulates excessively, a gas explosion accident may occur.

(2) The cooling water system is faulty. The cooling effect is not good, and the temperature inside the compressor is extremely high, which causes the lubricating oil to be thermally cracked to form carbon deposits. Under the high temperature overheating, mechanical impact, and airflow impact, the carbon can cause spontaneous combustion of the carbon deposits, and when the concentration of carbon oxides reaches the explosion limit, Burning and explosion occurred.

(3) The oil pump or lubricating oil system is faulty. The oil supply of the lubricating oil is insufficient or interrupted, and the mechanical lubrication effect of the compressor is poor, and the friction is heated, which becomes the ignition source of the fire and explosion of the air compressor system.

Air compressor explosion factor analysis and accident prediction!

2 Air compressor risk analysis and accident prediction

(1) The air has oxidizing properties, and the conveying system has a higher flow rate, which determines the danger of the system, which has the risk of oxidation (heat) and high speed wear and friction. The cylinders, air traps, and air delivery (exhaust) lines of the compressor can explode due to over-temperature and over-pressure.

(2) The atomized lubricating oil or its decomposition product may be combined with compressed air to cause an explosion.

(3) Compressor oil seal and lubrication system or air inlet gas do not meet the requirements, so that a large amount of oils, hydrocarbons, etc. enter and deposit in low-lying areas of the system, such as flanges, valves, bellows, reducers, etc., in high-pressure gas Under the action, it is gradually atomized, oxidized, coked, charred, and decomposed, which becomes a potential condition for explosion.

(4) Deconstructed air and system irregular cleaning, alternating hot and cold operations may cause rust on the inner wall of the pipe, and peel off under the action of high-speed gas, becoming an ignition source.

(5) Unstable and surge conditions during air compression can cause a sudden increase in the temperature of the medium.

(6) When repairing and installing work, flammable liquids such as wipes, kerosene, and gasoline fall into the cylinders, air traps, and air ducts, and the air compressor may cause an explosion when it is started.

(7) The mechanical strength of the compression part of the compression system does not meet the standard.

(8) Air compressor compression air overpressure and protection failure, causing wind and pipeline explosion.