Application Of Air Compressor In Sand Blasting Equipment

- Mar 06, 2019-

Compressed air produced by air compressors has long been used not only in machine tools in the machining industry, but also in the metal surface processing industry. For example, sandblasting equipment is a clear example. Remove surface oxide (rust), residual salt and welding slag of metal parts, welded parts, castings, forged parts, etc. after heat treatment; micro burrs, spurs, surface residues of cleaning machine parts; change the surface roughness Ra of the workpiece; The surface of the workpiece is sprayed and pre-treated before electroplating to obtain an active surface, which improves the adhesion of the spray coating and the plating layer. It is used for the finishing of high-precision and complex-shaped parts that are difficult to complete by other processing methods; Sandblasting equipment is required to complete the surface treatment between processes in the processing industry. The main source of energy for sandblasting equipment is compressed air.

The working principle of the blasting equipment is to use the compressed air to flow at a high speed in the lance to form a negative pressure to generate the ejector. The abrasive in the sand separator is sucked into the lance through the sand tube, and then sprayed to the surface of the workpiece at high speed by the nozzle with the flow of compressed air. , to achieve the purpose of sandblasting. In the working state, the compressed air and the sand are sprayed while being mixed, so that the compressed air is fully utilized. The flow rate of the air and the flow rate of the sand can be appropriately adjusted to obtain an ideal mixing ratio, so that the energy and the sand material can be processed with an ideal metal surface in a small consumption.

The main components of the blasting equipment are composed of main engine, cyclone separator, spray gun swinging system, dust removal system, electrical system, air compressor (user-supplied) and control box.

Adjustment of compressed air pressure:

Adjust the regulating valve to control the pressure of the compressed air entering the gun according to the needs of the work. The working pressure can be selected within the range of 3 to 7 bar.

As can be seen from the above table, in the production process, the amount of compressed air used is relatively large, and high pressure and sufficient gas volume are prerequisites for ensuring the normal use of the blasting equipment. A dry compressed air with a pressure of 0.4 to 0.7 MPa and a flow rate of about 1 m3/min/gun is required.

Specific operation steps of sand blasting equipment: first turn on the power supply and lighting before sand blasting, adjust the position and angle of the pendulum gun - attach the workpiece to the turntable - close the hatch - adjust the sand blasting parameters (turntable speed, gun swing speed) - Start sandblasting work - the discharged sand falls into the bottom of the main unit through the returning sand pipe - cyclone separator - temporarily stored in the sand storage tank - while the dust is sucked into the filter dust removal system under the vacuum suction of the fan for filtration After the clean air is discharged into the atmosphere - after the blasting is completed, the air is automatically blown - the door is opened - the workpiece is removed and the workpiece to be sprayed is placed on the turntable for the next working cycle. Manual sandblasting mode or manual sandblasting. Compressed air enters the spray gun, and the abrasive is injected from the bottom of the separator tank into the spray gun according to the set injection amount, and is sprayed on the surface of the workpiece at high speed under the action of compressed air.