How To Choose A Car Air Pump?

- Mar 03, 2019-

Have drivers who have been driving by car have seen the situation of insufficient air pressure in the wilderness and no inflation? To this end, many car owners will carry a car air pump with the car, so that they can be used at any time. At present, there are many brands of automobile air pump sold on the market, and the quality is uneven. How should the car air pump be selected?

1. See if the accessories of the air pump are complete. At present, the high-quality car air pump on the market not only has a main air pump, but also has many other practical accessories according to the needs of use. It is convenient to provide other help when refilling the tire, such as flashlights or lights for lighting, and Inflatable nozzles, inflatable tubes, and other tools for repairing vehicles

2, followed by the selection of models and needs. At present, the car's air pump can be divided into two types, namely, the horizontal bar and the parallel bar. Generally, the disadvantage of the car air pump of the horizontal bar is that the air pressure is insufficient, the inflation time is long, and the car with a large body size is difficult to be inflated, but the price is also cheaper. Although the price of the parallel bar air pump is slightly more expensive, the air pressure is sufficient and the air is fast. Whether it is a common car for a family or a large commercial vehicle or an off-road vehicle, there is no problem in inflation.

3, the accuracy of the tire pressure gauge. In order to inflate the data more accurately and stably, the accuracy of the tire pressure gauge can not be ignored. In the past, the old tire pressure gauge adopts the separation mode of the watch machine, and the data accuracy is poor. At present, the tire pressure gauges of the big brands use the embedded one. The design can avoid the impact and looseness of the tire pressure gauge, resulting in inaccurate measurement data.

4. The length of the battery clip. When buying an air pump, pay attention to the length of the battery clamp wire, so as not to inflate the rear tire due to insufficient wire length when inflating outdoors, especially for 7-seat cars or other slightly larger vehicles.