How To Choose The Best High Pressure Air Compressor

- Feb 28, 2019-

1, choose to "set the shape"

In combination with the needs of customers, we can find a good operating economy, and in the future, we need to make a lot of decisions to expand the scale. The basis of the decision is the use or use of compressed air, focusing on the calculation of air demand, reserves and future expansion, and pressure is a decisive factor, which has a great impact on energy consumption, different pressure ranges with different compression Machines can sometimes be economical.

2. Calculation of working pressure

The compressed air equipment determines the necessary working pressure depending on the compressor, equipment, piping, * high working pressure determines the necessary equipment pressure, and the gas consumption location uses the pressure reducing valve to meet the equipment requirements, in extreme cases, A separate air compressor is not economical.

Working pressure: *End user + final filter + piping system + dust filter + dryer + compressor adjustment amplitude The higher the pressure, the greater the power consumption, the pressure drop caused by the size and length of the pipe must be considered. List the pressures of various models. If the pressure difference is too much, you must purchase air compressors with different pressures. Do not reduce the pressure to increase the cost.

3, air displacement calculation

Compressed air is a clean power that converts electrical energy into air potential energy and works externally with the expansion of compressed air, but it also consumes a lot of electricity. In general, the electrical energy required to compress 1 m3 of air to 0.7 MPa is about 7 kW. According to statistics, the consumption of electric energy by air compressors accounts for about 20% of the total energy consumption of the entire enterprise. This means saving compressed air and making the best use of compressed air will bring you new profit margins!

Air demand: all tools + machine equipment + related process air consumption + leakage + wear + future gas + use factor (using standard value 20%)

4. Determination of the quantity and specifications of high-pressure air compressors

Depending on the degree of flexibility required + control system + energy efficiency

(1) Choose one big machine or multiple small machines?

The cost of downtime events in production, the utilization of electricity, the changes in load (load), the cost of compressed air systems, and the space available on the floor. Due to the cost, only one compressor is used to supply all the air in one device, then the system can prepare a quick interface of the mobile compressor for connection when using, and an old air compressor can be used as an inexpensive The backup power provides a source of reserve gas.

(2) Stability (always a very important issue);

(3) Energy consumption expenditure

1 pipeline leakage;

2 The demand for gas is constantly fluctuating every moment (this is * easily overlooked, also * is serious)

3 single machine output efficiency (select * good range of output efficiency models)

(4) Generalization of spare parts

The optimized combination of multiple 110KW models may be 40-160m3/min, which is a good choice for the gas range.

(5), operation analysis

It should be observed within one week, and more than 90% of the measured energy recovery is recovered. Working pressure During a certain period of time, the control system can be modified according to the change of production, and the use of high-pressure air compressor is improved to check whether there is air leakage.

Pay attention to the energy consumption ratio to save power: the actual exhaust volume / the actual motor power. The larger the value, the more power is consumed.