How To Deal With Water In The Air Compressor Lubricant

- Feb 21, 2019-

It is very troublesome to mix water in the air compressor lubricating oil, which will accelerate the consumption of the air compressor. How to deal with the mixing of the air compressor lubricating oil, please see the details.

Air compressor lubricating oil mixing method:

(1) The lubricating oil is mixed with water, and the water and the oil form an emulsion, which will greatly reduce the viscosity of the lubricating oil and is not conducive to the lubrication of the moving parts. In particular, if the oil for the cylinder of the air compressor is mixed with water, the moisture in the lubricating oil is heated during the compression process, and a part of the water forms a vapor, which breaks the lubricating oil film of the cylinder and accelerates the wear of the cylinder. For this reason, if moisture is mixed in the lubricating oil, it must be purified.

(2) There are many methods for purification. The simplest method is to stand the precipitation, that is, the lubricating oil is heated to about 90 ° C in the precipitation tank and precipitated for 3 to 4 hours. However, this method can only remove part of the water; followed by distillation, the distillation of the lubricating oil can also remove the water. However, oil and water separation is usually carried out using an oil separator (series codenamed FYQ). The oil separator rotates at a high speed, and the rotational speed is generally 4000 to 7000 r/min. The oil and water with different relative densities are separated by centrifugal force for purification purposes.