How To Improve The Operating Conditions Of Air Compressors

- Feb 25, 2019-

There are many things to pay attention to during the application of air compressors. In this article, we will give an overview of how to improve the operating conditions of air compressors, so that you can operate the air compressors of your factory more normally and live longer. .

(1) Improve the inhalation conditions. First, the suction pipe should be designed with sufficient cross-sectional area (for air, the flow rate should not exceed 10-12 m / s), the pipe should be as short as possible, and there should be no sharp turns, and there should be no shrinkage and excess accessories; The second is to reduce the intake air temperature, which can increase the actual air intake of the compressor, and also reduce the specific power consumption of the compressor. The suction port of the compressor should be located in a cool outdoor place. If necessary, take the method of watering and cooling. In addition, for the piston type machine, a cooler with high thermal conductivity and easy cleaning should be used. The cooler should be cleaned regularly. Practice has shown that for every 3 degrees of intake air temperature reduction, the power consumption of the latter stage is reduced by about 1%.

(2) Reduce the pressure loss of the conveying pipe. When designing or installing pipes, the pipe length should be shortened as much as possible, unnecessary pipe fittings such as tees, elbows, valves, etc. should be reduced, and pipe bends or bends with less radius of curvature should be reduced. The filter on the pipeline should have low resistance and can easily remove dirt. The cross-section of the pipeline should be such that the air flow rate is not too large. If the air flow rate is Q m 3 / min, the diameter of the pipe is D>20√Q mm. Generally, the air does not exceed 8-10 m/s. In addition, it is necessary to reduce the leakage loss of the gas. The pressure difference between the inside of the compressor and the outside world may be leaked through the tightly closed parts such as the piston ring, the air valve, and the packing, resulting in loss of the exhaust volume, resulting in an increase in power consumption.

The above describes two ways to improve the operating conditions of the air compressor, although not many, but it is very practical, I believe that can help your factory.