How To Keep The Energy-saving Air Compressor Running Stably For A Long Time?

- Jan 30, 2019-

Many air compressor users think that after the air compressor is purchased, they only know how to use it. After the time is up, the personnel can replace and maintain the consumables. In fact, this is a big mistake. The replacement of consumables for air compressors and the maintenance and repair of after-sales personnel are only one of them. Here is a little bit of dry goods for everyone: how to maintain the air compressor for a longer period of stable operation.

How to keep the energy-saving air compressor running stably for a long time?

Routine maintenance: Maintenance of the air compressor is a work that must be done every day. Usually before, during and after class. The purpose is to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and the clean and tidy work site.

1. Refuel once every day or every shift to the compressor. If there are special requirements, such as the lubrication of the motor bearings, refuel according to the instructions. In short, all the friction parts of the movement, including the accessories, must be regularly refueled.

2. The machine should be used according to the operating procedures, diligently inspected, diligently investigated, and the fault should be processed in time and recorded in the running diary.

3. Keep the machine and the floor clean when working. Wipe the equipment clean before handing over.

4. When the temperature in the winter room is lower than 5~C, the cooling water in the cavity should be discharged after parking.

After-sales maintenance: Every time, the after-sales personnel of the air compressor will perform an inspection on the air compressor once, and the air filter will be replaced once for some short-time filter materials, and the air compressor will be repaired and maintained.

1. Clean the air valve, remove the carbon deposit on the valve seat and bonnet, clean the lubricating oil filter and filter net, and check the moving structure.

2. Clean the filter. Install the filter in a place with a lot of dust to reduce cylinder wear.

Long-term idle maintenance: Most factories will be equipped with spare air compressors, which will not be used for a long time (generally sealed), but idle for too long will make the function of the air compressor drop or even difficult to use. When the air compressor is idle, it must be maintained and maintained on the air compressor.