How To Shorten The No-load Running Time Of Air Compressor

- Feb 15, 2019-

First of all, after the detection of the empty husband machine of the compressed air supply system is completed, the operation of the air compressor station and the application of the compressed air can be analyzed and optimized. Through analysis, we can know the energy saving potential of existing systems and formulate measures for energy saving optimization of compressed air supply systems. The most important thing in this phase is whether the measures developed are compatible with the actual requirements. The energy-saving optimization of the system can only be achieved if the system hollow press load has the longest running time, or the no-load running time is as short as possible. In addition, it is necessary to reduce the leakage of compressed air as much as possible and reduce the working pressure of compressed air. Because reducing the pressure of 0.1MPa is equivalent to saving 6% to 8%. By taking measures, the load running time can be as long as possible, the no-load running time can be as short as possible, and the pressure at a minimum pressure level is constant, that is, a better air compressor station configuration can be realized.

The second is to use an air compressor with adjustable speed and a combination of air compressors with load-to-load operation. The advantage of this type of air compressor configuration is that the compressor of the basic load in the air compressor station covers the range of basic pressure requirements and does not cause the air compressor to operate in an uneconomical working range. If the amount of compressed air required exceeds the base load requirement, and the peak demand for compressed air occurs, the area can be covered by a variable speed compressor. With this solution, the amount of compressed air provided by the compressed air system can accurately meet the current actual needs, avoiding high-energy no-load operation, expensive unloading time, and loss of compressed air during unloading, thereby High energy savings are achieved, and the peak load at the start of the compressed air system is eliminated. The pressure range is optimized to achieve a constant working pressure.

Again, the energy consumption control configuration method of the compressor related to the energy consumption controlled by the upper level is adopted. In this configuration, large volumes of compressed air are more often produced by multiple load-to-load regulated compressors. At this time, the intelligent energy consumption control system controls the air compressor to start and stop according to the required amount of compressed air, and adjusts the pressure range of all air compressors according to the energy saving principle.