How To Solve The Problem Of Gas Contained In The Screw Air Compressor?

- Jan 21, 2019-

In some special production industries, the gas discharged from the screw air compressor has relatively high requirements. Especially in the textile enterprises and the food industry, basically, the oil content of the compressed air is required to be particularly low, and the oil-free compression is basically achieved. air. Then, when the failure of the oil-free screw air compressor exhaust oil occurs, how can we solve this fault? Xiaobian, I will take everyone to analyze the main reasons for the exhaust oil failure:

1. Oil and gas separation core is damaged

During the operation of the screw air compressor, the oil separation core is damaged, such as broken or perforated, and then it loses the role of oil and gas separation. That is to say, the exhaust gas of the mixed gas and the compressor is directly connected, and then a large amount of the cooling oil is not separated, and the gas is discharged together with the gas, causing an oil failure during the exhausting process.

2. The return line is faulty.

In the working process of the screw compressor, the oil return pipeline shoulders an important responsibility. The oil separation core and the compressor inlet will form a pressure difference. Under the pressure difference, the oil return pipeline is responsible for the oil. The oil collected at the bottom of the separation core is sent back to the compressor and continues to be used during the next cycle. If there is a fault such as blockage, breakage and incorrect installation on the return line, the oil collected at the bottom of the oil separation core cannot be transported back to the compressor, causing too much oil at the bottom, and this part is not transported back to the compressor. As the gas is discharged, there is a phenomenon of oil in the exhaust process.

3, system pressure control is too low

During the operation of the screw compressor, the system pressure control is too low, which will cause the centrifugal force in the separator to be less than the centrifugal force required for the work, so the function of the separator will not be fully reflected, which will result in the next step separator. The oil content of the gas in the core is too high, beyond the separation range, which leads to incomplete separation of oil and gas, and oil failure occurs during compressor exhaust.

4, the minimum pressure valve failure

During the operation of the screw compressor, the function of the minimum pressure valve is to ensure that the system pressure is controlled above the minimum pressure during operation. If the minimum pressure valve fails, the minimum pressure of the system will not be guaranteed. Because the air consumption of the luck equipment is very large, the system pressure will be too low and the return line will not return oil. The oil that collects at the bottom of the oil separator core will not be returned to the compressor and will expel the compressor with the compressed gas, causing oil failure during the flat exhaust process.

5. Too much cooling oil added to the compressor

Before the operation of the screw compressor, too much cooling oil is added, which exceeds the range of the compressor. In the operation of the compressor, the oil level is too high, although the separation system separates the oil and gas, but the gas is discharged. In the middle, the gas will also be circulated into the gas to discharge the cooling oil, so that the oil content in the exhaust gas is too high, and oil failure occurs.

6, the quality of the cooling oil is not qualified

Before the compressor is operated, unqualified cooling oil is added, or the cooling oil exceeds the applicable time, and the cooling effect cannot be achieved. Then, during the operation of the screw compressor, the cooling oil loses its function and cannot separate the oil and gas. Then there will be oil failures during the exhaust process.