Is The Car Air Pump Necessary For Installation?

- Mar 01, 2019-

Many riders who go out to cross-country will consider installing a gas pump. Because the car is driving in a harsh environment, we must adjust the tire pressure properly due to the terrain, especially when going to the sand to climb the rock and climb the slope. Deflating and reducing the tire pressure can increase the cushioning force of the bouncing tires, reduce the damage of the shock absorbers, and effectively stop some accidents.

There is also a hard-moving off-road with a pneumatic differential lock. This pneumatic differential lock requires gas to make it a locking function. Then we need an air pump to supply air.

Long-distance off-road, walking the desert to deflate the tires, the snow can deflate the tires slightly, and then with the anti-skid chain will achieve twice the result with half the effort. Then, in addition to these hard-core off-road requirements, why do other vehicles need to install air pumps, and the advantages of installing air pumps.

Effective security:

The vehicle is equipped with a vehicle air pump, and the tire pressure gauge is used to periodically check the tire pressure. When the tire pressure is insufficient, it is replenished in time. When the tire pressure is too high, the pressure is treated to ensure that the tire pressure is within the standard range. Give your pranks a sigh of relief, and have a gas pump that will allow you to stick to the repair shop.

Extend tire life:

Air pressure is the life of the tire. Too high and too low will shorten the service life of the tire. If the air pressure is too low, the self-deformation will increase, which will increase the ground contact area of the tire and accelerate the shoulder wear. If the air pressure is too high, the tire cord will be excessively stretched and deformed, and the elasticity of the carcass will be lowered, so that the load on the car during driving will increase. If an impact occurs, internal cracking and blasting will occur, which may cause an accident.

Protection suspension system:

When the vehicle is running under the condition that the tire pressure is too high, the damping effect of the tire itself is easily reduced, thereby increasing the burden on the vehicle damping system. If left unchecked, it will cause different degrees of damage to the engine chassis and suspension system. Uneven tire pressure, it is also easy to cause the brakes to run off, also increase the wear of the suspension system.

Reduce fuel consumption:

Tire pressure is very particular, low or high air pressure will increase fuel consumption and reduce tire life. Therefore, deploying an air pump in the driving can make you save more effort and save money.

Improve ride comfort:

Excessive tire pressure will make the tire too hard, and its damping effect will be poor, which will significantly reduce the ride comfort of the vehicle.