Want To Maximize The Efficiency Of The Air Compressor Needs To Start From The Details

- Feb 08, 2019-

Air compressors are the basic products of industrial modernization. It is often said that electrical and automation have the meaning of full aerodynamics. The air compressor is the air source power, the core equipment of the pneumatic system, the main body in the electromechanical air source device, which is the device that converts the mechanical energy of the motor or diesel engine into gas pressure energy, which is compressed air. The air pressure generating device. The following small series introduces you to the simple five steps of maximizing the efficiency of the air compressor.

step 1

Before using the air compressor, you should carefully read the air compressor manual. Do not think that you have started to operate with a lot of models, and some details are ignored, which often causes unnecessary losses.

Step 2

In order to effectively save energy, users should pay attention to the ventilation and heat dissipation of the air compressor room. The ambient temperature of the air compressor room is too high, which is equivalent to reducing the efficiency of the air compressor, reducing the exhaust volume and increasing the energy consumption. For every 100 °C increase in ambient temperature, the efficiency of the air compressor is reduced by 3%.

Step 3

In addition, the air compressor room should be kept clean and tidy. The environment of the air compressor room is too dirty, which is easy to cause the filter of the air compressor, the oil filter, the oil separator to be blocked, the lubricating oil to accelerate the pollution, and the replacement is frequent.

Step 4

Regular maintenance of the air compressor, try to use the original air compressor accessories. If the air compressor is not well maintained or not maintained for a long time, small problems will accumulate over time and the machine life will be significantly shortened.

Step 5

The air compressor should concentrate as much as possible on the air supply. If the air compressors are dispersed and distributed throughout the plant, the pipelines are independent, which increases the acquisition cost and increases the pipeline cost and operation and maintenance costs. In particular, if the pipeline leaks seriously and is not found in time, it is considered that the gas consumption is insufficient. The newly purchased air compressor is used to supplement the insufficient gas consumption, resulting in waste. Calculated by a 7kg/cm2g, 10mm leakage point, the electricity fee is assumed to be RMB1. Yuan/degree, 8,000 hours a year will waste 320,000 yuan in electricity bills.