What Should I Do If The Air Compressor Is Slow To Breathe And The Air Volume Is Insufficient?

- Jan 27, 2019-

I don't know if the manufacturer using the screw air compressor has paid attention to the problem. The air compressor bought in the early stage is very effective, but as the use time is extended, the air compressor will slow down, and the gas volume cannot meet the production. The demand is increased, and the temperature difference between the upper cover plates of the cylinder head becomes larger, and the low-pressure cylinder exhaust pressure gauge pointer swings greatly. What caused this?

Air compressor is too slow to check:

Stop the air compressor, remove the upper low pressure cylinder cover of the cylinder head, take out the exhaust assembly, pour the diesel into the exhaust valve groove, and find that the diesel oil flows out from the sealing surface of the valve plate and the valve body, indicating the exhaust The valve has lost its seal. Remove the valve retaining nut, remove the valve disc, and inspect each one to find worn or severely worn parts.

During the operation of the air compressor, the valve plate has a long-term repetitive impact, which causes the sealing surface to wear together, causing a part of the compressed air of the low-pressure cylinder to be returned to the cylinder, thereby reducing the effective displacement of the air compressor.

Since the low-pressure cylinder exhaust valve is not tightly sealed, when the low-pressure cylinder piston is inhaled, the compressed air in the radiator is sucked back into the low-pressure cylinder, so that the discharge pressure of the low-pressure cylinder is rapidly decreased. When the low-pressure cylinder piston is ascended, the discharge is discharged. The air pressure rises rapidly again, and the pressure is high and low. The swing of the low pressure cylinder exhaust pressure gauge is intensified.

The air compressor is too slow to exhaust:

Use a triangular scraper to scrape off the dirt on the mating surface of the valve body, replace the new low-pressure exhaust valve, and check if it is sealed with diesel. If it is still not sealed, the valve body needs to be replaced. Pay attention to the direction when replacing the valve.