Factory Directly Product 11kw Pm VSD Screw Air Compressor

Factory Directly Product 11kw Pm VSD Screw Air Compressor

Access to the car cigarette lighter can be used
We are a professional manufacturer of air compressor for automobiles
The main parts are all metal products
Very strong power output
This compressor can inflate all kinds of tires and all ball
It only takes 1-2 minutes to fill a Golf tire
It only takes 4 seconds to inflate the basketball
It only takes 10 seconds to fill the bike

Product Details

This is the result of our long-term unremitting efforts in the development of new Plastic Anti Freeze Tester, Auto Mini Air Compressor, automatic air pump Factory and the continuous improvement and evolution of the original products. Our company is oriented to meet the needs of customers, providing innovative and professional products and services to help customers achieve sustainable profits and success. We are committed to technology research and development, strive to create all-round and multi-level products, and work hard to achieve the maximum satisfaction of customers.

120 psi air compressor

Power Supply: DC 12V

Max.pressure: 100PSI

Product Size: 150×70×138mm

Max.air flow: 25L/Min

Cylinder Diameter: 30mm

Rated Current: 10A

1M air hose with a brass quick-releasing adapter

100 PSI high-quality pressure gauge

3M cord with a cigarette lighter

Our Factory Directly Product 11kw Pm VSD Screw Air Compressor is a perfect blend of perfect ideas, unique styles, humanized functions, excellent quality and good materials. We always take innovation and technology as the development direction, return to the new and old customers, and maximize the interests of customers. Our company has advanced equipment and can conduct comprehensive experiments and tests on product performance.


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