Oxygen Cylinder Filling Gas Compressor

Oxygen Cylinder Filling Gas Compressor

This product has the pressure preset functions
This is a can of household air compressor
Cordless air pump is very convenient to use
With a rechargeable battery
Easy operation, women use without difficulty
Products with lighting, when you encounter power outage, accompanied the LED lamp can light up more than 48 hours

Product Details

Our company not only provides you with high-quality Electric Air Pump, electric air compressor pump, DC12V Big Air Compressor, but also can tailor solutions for your exclusive applications according to the changes in market application scenarios, thereby increasing your business income and market competitiveness. Customer satisfaction is our first goal. We use high-quality, high-performance, innovative equipment and technology to provide customers with the best products and services. We are in line with the quality first, service-oriented business philosophy, stride the pace of the new century in the forefront of the industry. Our business model integrates sales, service and support in an all-round way.

handheld compressor

Rechargeable digital compressor

Inflator/LED light

Product size:210x90x180mm

Charging Voltage: AC100~240V/50~60Hz

Battery Type: lithium battery 18650  3000mAh 11.1V

Input: 12.6V/0.5A

Battery Cycle life: 1000 Times

Compressor Max.pressure: 100PSI

Compressor Max.air flow: 35L/Min

Compressor Cylinder Diameter: 30mm        

Compressor Rated Current: 10A

Our Oxygen Cylinder Filling Gas Compressor is completely independent research and development, therefore it can be guaranteed that there will be absolutely no intellectual property issues. We always make breakthroughs with an enterprising spirit, persistently exploring the technological frontier of products. We are doing everything to offer our customers with best services and best products.


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