Portable Air Compressor Cordless Tire Inflator Electric Air Pump

Portable Air Compressor Cordless Tire Inflator Electric Air Pump

It has twin cylinder output
It has two powerful cylinders
Very strong power output
This compressor can inflate all kinds of tires and all ball
It only takes 1-2 minutes to fill a Golf tire
It only takes 4 seconds to inflate the basketball
It only takes 10 seconds to fill the bike

Product Details

Our motorcycle tyre pump, Digital Tire Air Compressor, Air Pump For Inflatables has unique and advanced functions, which can replace traditional products and win greater economic benefits for the company. We are committed to maintaining a mutually beneficial and win-win cooperative relationship with our customers. We are able to meet customer needs in terms of both product volume and quality. We look forward to your visit.

portable electric air pump

With LED light:

Power supply:DC12V

Max rated curent:23A          

Max pressure:150PSI                   

Max air flow:45L/min                      

2 x Cylinder, cylinder diameter:30MM                  

3M air hose with a 150psi high-quality pressure gauge                         

3M cord with battery clips            

With advanced technologies and facilities, strict good quality manage, reasonable rate, superior assistance and close co-operation with shoppers, we have been devoted to supplying the very best price for Portable Air Compressor Cordless Tire Inflator Electric Air Pump. What we can achieve is because no one takes the cause of intelligent technology more seriously and seriously than us! We cooperate with friends hand in hand with superior quality assurance and fast after-sales service. If you have any suggestions or criticisms about our products, please give us feedback so that we can make improvements in time!


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